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    Checkmarx, a multinational software security company headquartered in Israel, required a dedicated solution for elaborate planning and managing incentives that appealed to high-tech companies with numerous and diverse commission models.

    To supply that need, Incentives Solutions has introduced among its leading products, JOOPY Tech, which has already been adopted by multiple technology companies including Amdocs, Kenshoo, and others.

    The dynamic nature of the high-tech industry induces continual adjustments in sales targets, incentives, and in including new products and services, and the use of spreadsheets was found to be extremely inefficient and led to extensive manual work and inaccuracies.

    Implementing JOOPY tech had provided Checkmarx with powerful, flexible, and user-friendly capabilities to manage the incentives and different commission models of hundreds of sales reps and customer support employees in 70 branches around the world.

    The JOOPY Tech system was developed to address the complex challenge of managing incentives of salespeople at companies that develop and commercialize technology products and services. Often, several employees are involved in each deal, including the sales manager, a salesperson, a pre-sale employee, the regional product manager, the regional manager, and others. Splitting the credit for any sale between the various employees is both complex and dynamic.

    JOOPY Tech offers Checkmarx an end-to-end solution for managing the incentives of its sales force. The system initially produces a “Goal Sheet” that presents sales targets of each relevant employee as well as his or her incentives based on various scenarios. Secondly, the system’s rules calculate the incentives while considering the relationship between all the various employees, including the territorial factors. Finally, the incentives determined by the platform are fed into the Workflow system for approval by the relevant managers.

    The system presents in real-time to each member of the Checkmarx sales force the complete and exact picture of the employee’s sales performance and incentives. The employee can also track in real-time the accumulation of incentives and how they were calculated, as well as verify the meeting of targets and other factors. Checkmarx managers are able to produce reports that present the macro picture of both performance and incentives, understand trends, and gain various insights. The system can adjust the parameters resulting from changes in the market, new targets, new products, and services, and more. Implementing the changes is done automatically throughout the system and every salesperson in accordance with his or her personal ‘Goal Sheet’, without any need for manual input.

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