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    Personalized Complex Compensation & Benefits are made Easily and Fast

    The high-tech industry is rapidly advancing. In keeping up with the quick pace of growth and innovation, Incentives Solutions provides advanced, best-of-breed Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions made especially for the tech industry challenges.

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    Key modules
    JOOPY Goal Sheet and Letters 01
    This module enables you to reflect and deliver a personal goal sheet by a design PDF document with all your goals and other information. It also enables to create automate different approval workflow for that document, creating alarms, enable real-time control, and more.
    Salesforce Integration 02
    Pre-defined and easy-to-set integration that enables continuous two-sided data transfer between JOOPY and Salesforce. Also, enable you to display JOOPY in a unique tab within the SF by SSO entry. The integration supports both the Classic and the Lightning versions.
    KPI builder 03
    Is part of the configurable UI for incentive and commission modeling. It allows the authorized user to create the required measures and KPIs, based on the incoming data into the system, on-line and dynamically through the intuitive UI.
    Analytics 04
    JOOPY provides organizations with reporting and graphical dashboards tools. JOOPY's HTML5.0 GUI and the Portal actually serve as an ad-hoc reporting environment for organization and employees’ information, transactions, cases and commission models. JOOPY also provides intuitive dashboard builder, graphical widgets definition environment and reports builder, which enables authorized users to easily create customized business insights, according to organization's needs.
    JOOPY Retro 05
    Comprehensive and effective handling of retroactive transactions, providing insurance agents or sales rep with full transparency and visibility, through dedicated screens, to previous history periods and their corresponding corrections transactions due to adjustments.
    Case Management 06
    JOOPY provides a case management functionality which enables a sales channel or a sales rep to open a dispute or another type of case which is required. A dispute can be raised in case of a disagreement with the calculated commission or missing transactions. JOOPY provides a configurable workflow, to represent the organization's business processes for dispute resolution.
    NBA 07
    JOOPY provides sales representatives or employees with the guidance they need to make the Next Best Action as outlined by the prescriptive analytics model. JOOPY's NBA explicitly displays to the sales rep where to concentrate and what is essential to be achieved in order to optimize the employee's commission payments and achieve the next best payment level. JOOPY's NBA focuses the sales rep and employee on their personal targets, increases their motivation, thus significantly improving business goal attainment.
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