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    Israeli company Incentives Solutions is in its final stages of implementing the models at Lease4u, for commission and incentive calculations, for the sales team nationwide. Lease4u is the leasing channel of the Carasso Motors Group, and one of the leading leasing and car rental companies in the country. The financial information of this contact has not been released; however, it is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of Israeli Shekels.

    The solution, INCENTIVES-SPM, will allow Lease4u to increase motivation among their salespeople, by showing them updated competition information relating to their personal rank within their team, their personal sales progress in relation to the set of personal sales targets, forecasted end of month sales, and the ability for salespeople to create personal simulations in order to optimize their sales commission payments. The system categorizes the incentives into quantified and qualitative based incentives, and when presented to the salesperson, they are presented with the corresponding category, thus, allowing the sales reps to better understand their personal performance.

    The implementation project was notably a rapid one. In two months, seven models were implemented for the sales team at Lease4u, which is comprised of tens of sales people. In addition, an automation process was built for the entire data loading process, commission and incentives calculation were set up, and the results were exported from the SPM system to the corresponding salary systems at Lease4u. The solution which was set up at Lease4u is expected to support the next phase—implementing the Go JOOPY mobile application, which will bring an additional level of control and monitoring, and will allow salespeople to increase their personal performance.

    Erez Cohen, VP Car Sales, Lease4u: “The implementation project at Lease4u, by Incentives Solutions, was a very rapid and efficient project. The solution provides the salespeople at Lease4u with significant and qualitative information which highly contributes to the salesperson’s improvement of personal goals, thus improving the overall business results of the entire company. We believe that the more a salesperson understands his/her commission model and is aware of their achievements, he/she will be more focused and achieve better goals.”

    Amir Fishslevich, CEO, Incentives Solutions: “From our experience, a personal, qualitative and up-to-date view, which is provided to the salesperson during his/her busy, daily activities, effectively enrolls them to the organization’s business targets. I want to take this opportunity and thank the Lease4u team which effectively cooperated with our implementation team and significantly contributed to the rapid implementation process of this project”

    About Lease4u: Lease4u is the leasing channel of the Carasso Motors Group, one of the earliest companies established in Israel in the car importing business, as well as a leader in promoting the branch of vehicles. They have 30 years of experience and reputation in this field. Lease4u offers commercial leasing, private leasing, vehicle finance, new car sales, and car rental services. Lease4u has clients from all market sectors: private, commercial, nationwide.

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