Amir Fishslevice

Amir Fishslevich is the founder and CEO of Incentives Solutions. Amir’s entrepreneurial skills and vision have enabled him to establish a number of companies providing key technologies. In 1998, Amir founded his first company, A-Tech Information Technologies, specializing in data warehouse and data mining projects, focusing on the telecommunications and financial services verticals. While at […]

Matan Rubinstein

Matan brings to the role amore then 20 years experience of Web Team Leader. Last 2 years as System Architect – helped move products to new areas such as Smart Grid solution, Traffic Control System and still support the needs of the existing and new customers. Team Leader: design, implemented and lead the UI/UX of […]

Drorit Goldzand

Drorit serves as VP Sales and Marketing at Incentives Solutions. Drorit brings to this role a vast Global experience in High-tech companies with responsibility for complex projects in the Finance, Telco and Retail sectors. Drorit serves in Amdocs, IBM, Taldor & NCR  as VP and Director of Delivery, Sales and Marketing. Drorit holds a BSC […]

Kobi Delmedigo

Kobi is the Chief Operations Officer at Incentives Solutions. Kobi joined Incentives Solutions in 2014 as a junior manager in the finance and operations department. Prior to joining the company, Kobi held various management positions within operations and organizational processes. Kobi conducts the entire Incentives Solutions finance and operations execution data, as well as the […]

Kobi Saluk

Koby is the Director of EMEA Delivery Group in Incentives solutions. Koby joined the company in 2012 and he is at the forefront of activity with customers. His team is the central backbone of the company, providing 24/7 support to all Incentives Solutions EMEA based customers. Koby’s team also takes an active role in many […]

Moty Badur

Moty serves as the Director of Product Management at Incentives Solutions. Moty is one of the founding members of the company and brings a vast experience in accounting to the company’s products. Moty is an accountant from Bar Ilan University and also holds a BA degree in computer sciences from the Open University. In addition […]