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    Why choose the new Incentive solutions product?

    “Incentives Solutions” manage performance and incentives in the automotive industry and increasing it to new heights

    Incentives Solutions is the leading company in Israel in developing and implementing systems that help design and manage incentives for salesman, service managers, and garages. Both in the showrooms of car importers and the leading leasing companies in Israel. Recently in a friendlier and better version of the new product.

    The dedicated solution was developed over some years and has gained installations in the largest companies in the industry such as:

    Carasso Group (Nissan, Renault, Infiniti & Dacia), Colmobil Group (Mercedes, Hyundai, and Matziboshi), Champion-Motors Group (Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, and Seat) and more.
    The product is gaining momentum in the most influential leasing companies in the Israeli economy.

    The system is offered as a cloud service on a computer and application platform or in a local installation.

    The car industry is undergoing a shake-up and change that has not been seen in recent years.
    More and more Israelis prefer to take a new car from car dealerships or leasing companies than roam the second-hand. Due to the diverse financing solutions, every average person can afford to buy a new car. This brings the need for salesman to be well motivated in a quality way.

    Before the launch of Incentives Solutions innovative product, sales managers incentives were managed manually, which required quite a few working days, limited the ability to fully reflect the incentive and the company’s goals regularly, and mainly suffered from multiple human errors in cumbersome Excel calculations.


    Why choose the new Incentive solutions product?

    “Incentives solutions” providing a full automation product which prevent human errors, save time of the incentives process and interfaces directly with the payroll system.

    Apart from the economic savings, it offers as stated, the system is designed in a way that is tailored to each customer. Enables incentive planning and goal setting, performance follow up, and incentive calculation and all of this is fully interfaced with the organization’s payroll system without manual intervention.

    Managers can run extended analysis tools and reports that present a macro picture of performance and incentives, understand trends, and perform various simulations, indicating achievements or non-compliance with national-level goals, in a particular showroom, in a specific group of employees or in any other section.

    The special advantage of Incentives app “JOOPY GO” is that every sales agent sees live on the smartphone screen his performance this month, how much he is in relation to the target and how much he will be rewarded, when he reaches the goal, it allows competition between employees so each employee sees his position in employee rankings. In terms of incentive and meeting goals and especially what he lacks to improve his position and get around the employee in front of him.

    This mechanism produces immediate satisfaction for the sales agent, significantly increases the sales volume to the company and returns the product investment earlier than expected.

    Beyond that, salesmen are completely independent and can check at any given moment what the status of their monthly incentive is and how exactly the incentive calculated and what transactions, without bothering employees in the finance and management departments.

    The system also supports the implementation and assimilation of urgent changes required for the organization in a dynamic and breathing industry like the automotive world.

    The system can be easily linked to various types of enterprise systems including ERP, CRM, POS and HR systems. Employees and managers can follow the performance of these systems and the performance data is, as mentioned, automatically transferred to the payroll system.

    Incentives Solutions is a market-leading technology company in the field of increasing sales, improving performance, calculating commissions, premiums, bonuses, and incentives. The software product developed by the company, JOOPY, enables increased performance, providing effective tools for employees and managers to define and manage the models and commissions calculations, transparency and availability of information on an ongoing and regular basis. The solution allows for an in-depth analysis of employee performance and commission payments. This process allows the company’s management to achieve effective control over performance and payment targets, and significantly improve business results. The company has a wide customer base, and its customers include companies such as Amdocs, DHL, IEC, Rafael, Osem, Coca-Cola, Teva, Shtrauss, Cellcom, Clal Insurance Company, Psagot and more.

    Why choose the new Incentive solutions product?
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